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2022 TRUNKS, A Dialogue, Cris Gianakos + Alastair Noble, Gnobilis Press

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2023 Cris Gianakos Online Artist Talk, MINUS SPACE, January 26, 2023

2023 Robert C. Morgan, ArtSeen: Cris Gianakos: Works on Mylar 1983-1989, with photos, The Brooklyn Rail, March 2023 

2021  In the Studio with Cris Gianakos, AAA member Cris Gianakos talks about his practice as a sculptor and artist in a           short film by Christian Nguyen

2021  Marilena Astrapellou, The Enigmatic Art of Cris Gianakos, with photos, Vima, Athens, 6/19/2021

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